Corporate Tax Course Singapore

corporate tax course singapore

Income Tax Preparation & Corporate Tax Course Benefits

Course Duration For This Tax Courses Singapore: 3 Days

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Venue: 10 Anson Road, 26-08A International Plaza, Singapore 079903

Corporate Tax Training Courses Objectives: Corporate Tax Courses Singapore is a 2-day training course covering differences among taxable and non-taxable income, matters regarding tax reduction and capital allowance for corporate tax purposes.

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Corporate tax in simple words mean a compulsory payment done by a firm to the government’s account. The non payment of such tax can prove to be a punishable Legal offence under the eyes of law.  To never let this happen, one will have to educate themselves on the process of payment of taxes.

Corporate tax courses are mostly designed for industrialist, business firms and companies. This course enables one to gain knowledge on where to pay corporate tax, it’s calculation and various methods of paying it. After successfully gaining complete knowledge under this course a person will find himself comfortably dealing with complex digits, calculations, concepts of corporate tax.

The bookish knowledge is enough to make oneself familiar with the working of tax system , but there’s no substitute to practical training. To enrich oneself with that, enroll today at an corporate training course Singapore.  This course is not of a very long duration. It happens in short duration along with apt training.

At the end of this training, one can become practically trained to themselves file corporate tax, they gain sufficient training to get a decent job at any renowned company. This course makes one shine with the absolute and best knowledge of the taxation world imparted by the experts themselves.

Who Should Attend This Corporate Tax Training:  Accounts Admin, Accountants and Business Owners

Corporate Tax Course Training Content for This Corporate Tax Preparation Courses:

Basic Level (Day 1)

  • Introduction to corporate tax in Singapore
  • Tax Terminology
  • Tax residences of companies and short visiting of foreign expertise
  • Charging section – Section 10 (1) (a) to 10 (1) (g)
  • Deeming Provision – Section 12
  • Exempted Income – Section 13
  • Tax Deductible Expenses – Section 14
  • Exercise and case studies Q &A
 Intermediate Level (Day 2)
  • Non-Deductible Expenses/ Prohibited Expenses – Section 15
  • Capital Allowance – Section 19, S19(a) to S19 (f)
  • Related party transfer of Non-current assets – Section 23 and 24
  • Goods and Services Tax
  • Exercise and case Studies · Question & Answer
 Advanced Level (Day 3)
  • Foreign income received in Singapore – S50A
  • Double tax relief computation
  • Corporate Tax Computation practice
  • Exercise and case Studies · Question & Answer