Xero Training in Singapore

Xero accounting Training Course Singapore

Xero Accounting Software Training Course in Singapore

Duration: 3 Days Xero Accounting Software Training Benefits

  • One Time Free Refreshment Class within 6 Month
  • SkillsFuture Approved Course
  • Hands-On Exercises
  • Attention to each participants
  • Step-By-Step Course
  • 100% Satisfactory Record
  • Trained more than 10000 Participants
  • 10 Year Experienced Trainer

Venue: 10 Anson Road, International Plaza, Singapore 079903

About Xero Training Singapore Objective: 

This software training is targeted to make the users familiar with the cloud-based working of the xero accounting software. It is an accounting software mainly designed for small and medium sized business. It’s key features include automatic bank and credit card account feeds, invoicing and other such functions that prove to be a great helping hand in the long run.

After taking a xero training course in Singapore to will be able to do perform complex tasks such as accounts payable, expenses claim, fixed asset depreciation, purchase order and standard business and management reporting. Some other exemplary functions of the xero accounting are that it supports multiple tax rates and currencies also it automatically retrieves the bank account and credit card statement, thereby reducing the human efforts by a great deal.

To easily understand and to be able to effectively and efficiently work with the xero accounting system, one needs to take xero accounting software training. The training will provide practical knowledge of the software under the guidance of trained and experienced teaching staff. There are certain specific features of the xero accounting system such as storage of data in a single unified ledger which require the guidance of experts to be mastered upon.  Henceforth, such training courses aim at making a person master at the xero accounting from the very basic to the very top.

After this course you will be having knowledge of how to set up chart of accounts, new bank accounts, beginning balances of accounts using this Xero cloud-based system and you will appreciate the benefits of using cloud-based accounting software anytime, anywhere and in almost any devices.

Who Should Attend This Xero Accounting Course:  All accounting professional, Business owners, Admin and anyone who is related to accounts.

Course Content For This Xero Accounting Software Course

Bookkeeping Accounting Course singapore Level: Basic

Module 1. Basics Of Accounting

  • What is accounting?
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial accounting

Module 2. Financial Accounting

  • Financial accounting
  • Overview of the balance sheet
  • Balance sheet example
  • Limitations of the balance sheet
  • Differences between the balance sheet and income statement
  • Overview of the income statement
  • Income statement example
  • Overview of the cash flow statement
  • Cash flow example
  • Summary of financial reporting

Module 3. Managerial Accounting

  • Product costing
  • Break even
  • Budgets
  • Real life examples of managerial accounting

Module 4. Xero Account Setup

  • Sign Up Xero Online
  • Xero Online Plan
  • Xero Online Dashboard
  • Chart of Accounts Setup
  • Company Setup
  • Setting: Organization
  • Setting: Charts of Account
  • Setting: Others

Module 5. Set Up A Bank Account

  • Create a bank account + bank feed setup
  • Import data into the bank account

Module 6. Issue An Invoice

  • Directly Issue an invoice
  • Issue a quotation
  • Convert the quotation into invoice
  • Enable online payment to the invoice
  • Add credit note to write off bad debt
  • Overview on invoice management

Module 7. Expenses

  • Purchase Order / Bill
  • Claim Expense

Module 8. Tax

  • Setting up the tax
  • View the tax report

Module 9 – Reports

  • All Reports
  • Popular Reports
  • Running Reports

Module 10. Other Tasks

  • Manager Users
  • Connected Apps
  • Help & Resources

Bookkeeping Accounting Course singapore Level: Intermediate

Module 1 - How To Set Up And Manage A Chart Of Accounts In Xero

  • Adding General Ledger Accounts
  • Importing Charts of Accounts

Module 2 - How To Bring In Account Balances When Converting To Xero

  • Setting the Conversion Date
  • Bank Accounts Conversion Balances
  • Accounts Receivable Conversion Balance
  • Accounts Payable Conversion Balance
  • Other Accounts Conversion Balances
  • Comparative Balances

Module 3 - How To Set Up And Use Tracking Categories

  • Creating, Managing and Using Tracking Categories

Module 4 - How To Manage Expense Claims

  • Submitting a Claim
  • Approving and Paying Claims

Module 5 - How To Use Products And Services (Inventory) In Xero

  • Adding Services
  • Adding Untracked Products
  • Adding Tracked Products
  • Importing Products and Services
  • Importing Inventory Opening Balances
  • Inventory Adjustments

Module 6 - How To Process Manual Journals

  • Posting Journals
  • Auto-Reversing Journals
  • Repeating Journals
  • Importing Journals

Module 7 - How To Set Up And Manage A Fixed Asset Register In Xero

  • Adding Assets Owned Before Xero Conversion Date
  • Running Depreciation
  • Adding Assets from Bank Transactions
  • Adding Assets from Spend Money Transactions
  • Fixed Assets Reports

Module 8. Budget Manager

  • Create/Import Budgets
  • Edit/Delete Budgets
  • Prepare cashflow forecast
  • Budget Summary Report
  • Budget Variance Reports
  • Export Budgets

Module 9. End-Of-Period Closing

  • Month-End Closing entry
  • Year-End Closing Entry

Module 10. Advanced Xero Functions

  • Inventory Adjustments
  • Setting up Multiple Currency and handling Transaction
  • Case Study and Exercises

Bookkeeping Accounting Course singapore Level: Advanced

Module 1: Introduction

  • Getting Started in Xero
  • What is cloud-based system?
  • Features and advantages of using Xero
  • Exploring Xero and getting to know Xero functions
  • How to edit Xero Dashboard and create shortcut tools

Module 2: Setting Up Company & Chart of Accounts

  • Creating a New Company in Xero
  • How to set up payment services (paynow bar code) in invoice generated to customers
  • User Access and roles in particular to project role and payroll admin
  • Setup of Chart of Accounts through import of Chart of Accounts with account balance
  • Setup Account Opening Balances from the Balance Sheet with more complicated activity

Module 3: Setting up Bank Account

  • Connecting or Adding Bank Accounts in Xero
  • Activating Bank Feeds from your bank into Xero
  • Importing bank statement transactions

Module 4: Contact Management

  • Getting familiar with Contacts
  • Setting up Contacts through manual creation instead of importing them
  • How to do housekeeping on unused/unwanted contacts

Module 5: Inventory Management

  • Adding Services
  • Adding Untracked Products
  • Adding Tracked Products
  • Importing Products and Services
  • Importing Inventory Opening Balances
  • Inventory Adjustments

Module 6: Managing Sales Transactions

  • Recording Sales Quotes and converting into a new Sales Quote, Invoice, Purchase Order and Bill
  • Recording Customer payments for invoices
  • How to perform contra entry for contacts who are both customers and suppliers
  • View and send statements of contacts who are both customers and suppliers

Module 7: Managing Purchase Transactions

  • Recording Purchase Orders and convert to another purchase or sales transaction
  • Copy Bill to a sales or purchase document
  • Recording Purchases Credit Note
  • Recording Recurring or Repeating Purchases Transactions
  • Recording individual payment to supplier, batch payment and planned payment including foreign payment
  • Expense Claims Management
  • How to assign expense claims to customers

Module 8: Tax

  • Recap on Tax Setup, Tax Returns & Tax Reports
  • How to handle GST paid to custom and view its impact on Tax Returns

Module 9: Budget & Payroll Manager

  • Recap on creating/importing/editing/deleting Budgets and Budget Reports
  • How to set up new Pay Items and monthly Pay Run
  • How to generate Pay Run Reports, Pay Run By Employees, Pay Run By Pay Item, Pay Run By Pay Type Reports

Module 10: Advanced Xero Functions - Overview

  • Inventory Adjustments
  • Setting up Multiple Currency and handling Transactions with more complicated activity
  • Use and setup of Tracking Categories
  • Fixed Assets and Depreciation
  • Complete Overview on Project Management with activity
  • Journal Adjustments
  • Recurring/Repeating Transactions

Module 11: Bank Reconciliation

  • Reconcile bank feeds or transactions from bank feeds
  • Recording Transactions while reconciling
  • Creating Bank Rules
  • Generating Bank Reconciliation Summary

Module 12: Advanced Reports & Tracking

  • Recap of Reports features
  • How to customize reports to suit your
    organisation’s need with practice