Goods and Service Tax Course Singapore

GST Training Course singapore

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GST Training Courses Objectives:

GST Stands for good and services tax, also sometimes labelled as bored based value added tax. This tax is levied on all the money related transactions that happen in the day to day life of a person. Whilst this tax constitutes such an important part of one’s life, a person can not afford to stay illiterate on it. There is plethora of courses available both online and offline that aim to educate the audience on such a vital part of their day to day life.

The percentage of GST is fixed by the government but its payable amount keeps on changing. There are high chances of being cheated by the sellers and vendor by being asked a higher amount. To never let that happen join a GST training course. The purpose of this course is to educate the public on GST in a pretty short duration. The course imparts practical as well as bookish knowledge to enhance overall knowledge.

By attending the entire GST course Singapore with full dedication, one will be capable enough to be able to file GST, file GST return, calculate slab calculation on GST. These are the function which when mastered, can give rise to experts in accountants that have high chances of getting a well-paid job at renowned institutions.

1 Day GST course (applicable for logistics company)

GST Training Course  Training Content for This Goods and Service (GST) Tax Course

1- Introduction: Goods and Services Tax
2- What is a Logistics Company? And What Does a Logistics Company Do?
3- Goods and Services Tax on Logistics companies
4- Recovery of Costs – Recovering Reimbursements
5- Local Transport services
6- Handling services
7- Storage services
8- Importing Goods on Behalf of Customers
9- Responsibilities of the freight forwarder
10- Overview of Major Exporter Scheme (MES)
11- The Approved 3PL Company Scheme