LCCI Marketing Course

LCCI Course in Marketing

LCCI level 3 Marketing CourseThis course enables students to obtain a good knowledge of Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations and Selling & Sales Management. It is most suitable for either those who wish to pursue a career in Marketing, Advertising or Public Relations, or those currently working in this field and wish to obtain a recognised formal qualification.

Professional Preparatory LCCI Course in Marketing @Singapore

The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry will award successful students a third level group diploma covering these subjects, for which there are several examination options as shown.


  • Students should be over 21 years of age and possess 4 GCSE's or their equivalent.
  • Students without the necessary qualifications must take and pass the BTEC Professional Development Certificate in Marketing and Advertising.
  • Students may be admitted without formal qualifications providing they have relevant work experience and provided that their written and spoken English is at least Upper Intermediate/ First Certificate Level.

The course lasts for six months, starting in September with examinations in April the following year. There is an option to take examinations in June.


  • Understanding digital marketing
  • Digital media, information, channels and devices
  • Digital marketing and the marketing Technique
  • Digital marketing Measures and Analytics
  • Challenges and Issues that affect digital marketing

Students may obtain ONE of four Third Level Group Diplomas in the following main subject areas. Main Subject Areas Compulsory Subjects Options and Minimum of one of the following subjects:

Understanding digital marketing

  • The digital marketing overviews
    • Market type
    • Market reach:
    • Characteristics of digital marketing
    • Trends
  • Marketing objectives and organisational goals
    • Marketing objectives:
  • Analysing the Digital Marketing Environment
    • Factors affecting digital marketing strategies

Digital information, media, channels and devices

  • Sources of digital information
    • Digital information sources and search results:
    • Use of data by organisations:
  • Digital media
    • Paid media – organisations pay to deliver content to an audience
    • Earned media – organisations try to earn coverage and exposure from reporters and influencers:
    • Owned media – under the direct control of the organisation:
  • Effective digital marketing channels

Digital marketing and the marketing mix

  • Using the marketing mix for digital marketing campaigns
    • Use of digital marketing channels to place and sell goods and services:
    • Channels:
    • Factors to consider when deciding on an appropriate channel:
    • Marketing Mix: Product, Price, Promotion, Place (4Ps)
  • Push and pull marketing techniques
    • Push and pull marketing:

Digital marketing analytics

  • Market research
    • Quantitative and qualitative market research data used to identify:
    • Primary digital sources:
    • Secondary digital sources:
  • Measuring the success of digital marketing activities
    • Reasons for measuring the success of activities:
    • Tools used to collect, analyse and present measures of success:
    • Key metrics:
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

Legal and Ethical Challenges that affects digital marketing

  • Challenges in digital marketing
    • SEO algorithms changing
    • digital platforms becoming obsolete
    • new digital platforms being introduced
    • cross-platform compatibility
    • increase in digital channels
    • handling large data volumes
    • cyber security
  • Legal and ethical issues affecting digital marketing activities
    • Legal issues:
    • data protection
    • intellectual property
    • advertising
    • Ethical issues:

Alternatively, students may take single subject examinations in any topic in order to obtain an LCCI Third Level Certificate.